A tradition of quality since 2003.

GCJ Construction, founded in 2003, based in Orlando with the target to improve solutions to Central Florida in Residential and Commercial Business.


Knowledge, expertise, good people and collaboration. We make the impossible possible

With vast experience and an excellent track record, we have positioned ourselves as the ideal solution for all residential and commercial development projects.


Identifies with: teamwork, service attitude, creativity, professionalism and reliability: these are characteristics that will allow us to reach ultimate customers??? satisfaction, which results in growth and mutual benefit. With our portfolio of design, construction and administration of projects, we aim to contribute with the direct needs of residences and private or public business. We are committed day by day with the community to generate employment and welfare, with the government to respect and comply with laws, with our partners we work together to achieve profitability and permanent growth.


Great people and proven processes are the two keys to a successful construction project. Our people always have been and always will be our most valuable resource and every employee at GCJ has their own unique combination of talent and experience. We implement proven processes and procedures that will ensure each project is built safely, mitigate project risks, protect our owner’s budget, deliver a high quality product, and maximize our owner’s return on investment.

  • Conceptual Site Planning
  • Site Technical Feasibility/Due Diligence Research
  • Preliminary Value Engineering
  • Team Evaluation/Selection/Management
  • Selection of Construction Process
  • Preliminary Budget/Schedules
  • Negotiation of Governmental Approvals
  • Negotiation/Approvals/Lease or Purchase Terms
  • Technical Negotiation/Approval

value_engineeringIt’s a standard principal we utilize. We optimized the cost by offering alternative solutions with an equal or better end product for direct savings to you. Remember that you as a costumer have options. Our team will propose a second opinion that usually results in saving money.

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Jane Doe
Jane Doe
DNS / Logistic Department
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Josh Devon
Josh Devon
Virgin Cadburry / CTO
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Valeria Kindergarden
Valeria Kindergarden
Goldie / Management Department


Our goal is to develop lasting relationships by consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations. As Employee-Owners, we take pride in our ability to provide exceptional service in an honest, hard-working environment. In short, we strive to Building a Higher Standard.


The company has gone to extreme lengths over the course its growth to achieve the highest standard and to provide its clients in Florida with the most innovative and sustainable solutions at the most affordable rates.


testimonials2Johan Hernandez

Managing Director

As a General Contractor Johan is in constant pursuit of quality in each project he build. He is continuously raising the standards to a new level. This is what sets him apart from every other Florida manager builder.